Rooms available
for your next function

Rooms and facilities are available for small or large meetings and gatherings. The following costs are a GUIDE ONLY, please talk to us about how we might work together.

Please contact us.

Hall $65 (½ day or evening)
Lounge $55 (½ day or evening)
Little Lounge $40 (½ day or evening)
Kitchen $40 (½ day or evening)
Whole complex $110 (½ day) $180 (full day)

The HALL accommodates 150 people seated auditorium style or up to 120 seated at tables. Trestle tables and round tables are available.
The LOUNGE has seating for up to 30 people. A comfortable area with chairs and coffee table. It has a sink, electric jug, small hot water zip and a smart TV available.
The LITTLE LOUNGE is suitable for small meetings (10-15 people).
The KITCHEN can be hired along with the above rooms. It is well-equipped with a hot-water zip, dish steriliser, fridge, two stoves and sinks, plus crockery and cutlery for 120.

Please contact us.